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Sam Ardeneaux – Musician

I’m an idealist, a bit of a dreamer one would say. More than anything else though, I am a catalyst, innate alone but apply me to the dreams and ambitions of others, then watch the magic happen. I have many passions in the form of art, I play music, write a blog, and even enjoy public speaking but the root reason for all of these is that I truly enjoy inspiring others. I see art as being a medium for wisdom whether it is music, written, spoken, drawn, acted or danced and when that medium is used effectively it can help others lead a life of prosperity on their own terms.

#UniteAustin is an amazing opportunity for me to use my passion for working cooperatively and inspiring others, to empower communities in a city that I am proud to call home. I believe that there is nothing we as human beings can’t accomplish when we work together. I look at this project as a great chance to be involved in a revolutionary idea that could help inspire the rest of the world so we can create a future we are proud to leave to our descendants.



Sam Gustmante – Singer/Song-writer

I am a singer/songwriter.   My music highlights everyday situations and other day to day concepts that catch my attention.  Teaming up with Unite Austin will give me the opportunity to grow as an artist and help others achieve their goals.  It’s important to find people who create anything for the same reason you do. I create music because of its creative process and I’m looking for others to share and collaborate with who feel the same.  Growing up in a world of music has made me the person that I am today and has paved the way for a potential career that I want for myself and other musicians I partner with.

I joined UniteAustin as a way to network and I want to encourage and inspire people in the community  with lyrics as well as others who just love to move to music. Music is what I create and what I am good at, and I like what music can do for people.  The community is the key to my success and I look forward to uniting other artists and myself to grow and make dreams come true.  “I will reach my goals much faster with those who are aiming for the same.”

Andres Villegas – Musician

I love playing music because I get to share and communicate with people in a different way. To me, music is a different language that allows you to convey ideas and emotions to people in a very raw form

I chose to be a part of UniteAustin because as an artist we do the things we do for the love of the art as well as for other people to enjoy. With that said, a community is the most important thing an artist can have.


Daniel Cruz – Artist

I was born and raised in Austin Texas. Growing up here as a native I have seen many changes in the city. Despite the changes, the artist culture in Austin has always been my inspiration growing up. The many different artist styles always made me pursue many different mediums and skills in my art. The eclectic aura of the city has made me create art that has, I feel, no boundaries.

Being apart of Unite Austin gives me that chance to feel that same love I have for art and Austin. Being connected with the artist community is the greatest way to build artist perspective. As Unite Austin grows I believe that we can have a full self-sufficient community that will benefit everyone involved.

Gedy Tovar – Writer

As for the first part, I would consider myself a writer. I find great joy in writing anything from persuasive copy for advertising or a promotional blurb for social media to my own creative and personal pieces. When I write or am coming up with concepts for my writing, I feel I slip into a different place and can find the words needed to communicate my message. 

UniteAustin is a great concept and one which has the power to make some real waves in Austin. Bringing creatives together can only help everyone involved keep growing. I became involved with UniteAustin as I am able to bring together my professional skills in advertising and marketing and unite! them with my personal passion of music and arts. With UniteAustin I hope to continue to support the arts here in my hometown and hope that everyone not only makes great and lasting connections but are then able to support each other in their new found friendships.


Mark White – Graphic Designer


I’m a graphic designer.
I love design.
Art and design is all around us, in our everyday lives, whether you know it or not. It’s in the magazines and books you read, the commercials you watch, and even on the box of cereal you eat in the morning.
I love the composition, the creative genius, and the planning that goes into every piece of  design. Without design and art, our lives would be completely boring.
I became part of #UniteAustin because this organization is about bringing a community together. Having many bright minds together creates not just one idea, it creates many great ideas. This organization will bring a voice to creatives and individuals that may  not have the opportunity to do so otherwise. The future is coming and we’re going to be a big part of it.